Amardeep Singh Shergill was the only son of S. Gurcharan Singh Shergill and Sardarni Surinder Kaur Shergill. Born on 24th December, 1973 at Birmingham, he was younger to his sister Ravinder Kaur Shergill. Although Quiet by nature he was very intelligent, obedient and amicable student. At the age of nineteen,He got admission to London School of Economics. He pursued his studies and worked alongside to earn money.He contributed his earnings to help the needy and the sufferings people of Ethopia during famine. Because of his strong affinity with his motherland, he used to come frequently to India.He was snatched away by the cruel hands of destiny on 17 November 1992.Amardeep lives in the hearts of people.His name has been immortalised with the estabilshement of ASSM College Mukandpur.The eternel flame "Amardeep" is there to guide innumerable young people